Childishness, 2008, height approx. 140 cm, breadth 85 cm, weight 250 kg
“Childishness or the Actual State of a Career”
In 2001 I received a tree-trunk of a lime tree from the wife of a former colleague of university and retired chemist at Novartis. For three years I let it dry in Wegenstetten and began working on it in 2004, without any notion of what should come out finally. With time the picture of sloping egg took form, bearing 15 figures fighting to get or stay on top of it. One can see the sculpture as an alternative to the wheel of fortune, well-known from Gothic cathedrals. Most probably, some of the figures have been formed out of experience of my year-long activity in Chemical Industry.

The sculpture has been offered to Novartis in November 2008 for a possible erection in the new campus area. Up to now, Novartis doesn't see a possibility to accept this proposal.

One can see the following figures:

The boss
The level-headed
The guardian
The sponsor
The daredevil
The bastard
The happy man
The failure
The parvenu
The helper for somebody to come to power
The admirer
The supplicant